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“An assignment commences the minute we meet. The most important step is to understand you. Everything about you, must be known as the photography is about you, not us. At the end of the day, we want to see you projected through your images.” Your “soul” or being has to be reflected and that is Arnold’s gift.


We will spoil you with uncompromised service and stunning images while having lots of fun. – Worldwide.

Your portraiture, wedding and lifestyle photography specialist.

Whether it be an Israel Wedding Photographer or Israel Event Photographer you are looking for, Arnold specialises in individual portraiture and wedding photography with over 30 years of experience in his craft. An Australian International “People” Photographer, with discerning clientele worldwide.

Let’s make your vision a reality and photograph your wedding, event, portraits or special project.

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The Bar Mitzvah Photography of Allen + Joe

The Bar Mitzvah Photography of Allen and Joe The King David Hotel Robinsons Arch The Harp of David Jerusalem Israel La Bar Mitzvah Photographie d'Allen et Joe The King David Hotel Robinsons Arch La Harpe de David Jérusalem Israël par Arnold Szmerling International Photographer צילום בר מצווה של אלן וג'ו המלך דייוויד רובינסונס קשת נבל דוד ירושלים ישראל מאת ארנולד שמרלינג צלם בינלאומי

The Bar Mitzvah of Allen and Joe took place in Israel with a trip to the Golan Heights.

Their ceremony took place at Robinson’s Arch Jerusalem followed by portraits at The King David Hotel and a dinner at The Harp of David with great views of Jerusalem.

Arnold is an Australian International “people photographer”, with clientele throughout Europe, the USA, Australia and Israel – his new home country. A Portrait – Lifestyle photographer and people photography specialist. Read more about Arnold.

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