The Bar Mitzvah of Guy Carmeli By Arnold Szmerling International Photographer La Bar Mitzvah de Guy Carmeli par Arnold Szmerling Photographe international בר המצווה של גיא כרמלי מאת צלם בינלאומי של ארנולד שמרלינג

The Bar Mitzvah Photography of Guy

Photographing Guy’s Bar Mitzvah provided visual and interesting locations. Including a lifestyle portrait home session, tipped it off with some great moments. Family together sharing the love; what else tops that?

Guy celebrated his call up at Beit Knesset Im Kol Chai. It is a beautiful synagogue featuring intricate wooden panels and stained glass windows.

Following the Torah reading, we took some family portraits and candids of the family having some fun together.

Their reception was held at a very atmospheric and relaxed venue, Stuko.

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