Israel & Worldwide Bat Mitzvah Photography

This Category listing showcases a diverse range of Bat Mitzvahs we have photographed for our clients both in Israel and abroad.

The Bat Mitzvah of Ariel Kaplan by Arnold Szmerling International Photographer La Bat Mitzvah d'Ariel Kaplan par Arnold Szmerling, photographe international בת המצווה של אריאל קפלן מאת הצלם הבינלאומי ארנולד שמרלינג
The Bat Mitzvah Photography of Ariel

In honor of Ariel’s Bat Mitzvah, the Kaplan family arranged a lifestyle portrait session on a separate day to their reception party. Ariel Kaplan gained wide prominence in 2006 when she shared the role with four other girls as Nala in “The Lion King”.

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