The Wedding of Gili and Menachem Dan Hotel Caesarea Caesar Yam by Arnold Szmerling International Photographer Le mariage de Gili et Menachem Dan Hotel Caesarea Caesar Yam par Arnold Szmerling Photographe international חתונתם של מלון גילי ומנחם דן קיסריה קיסר ים מאת הצלם הבינלאומי של ארנולד שמרלינג
The Wedding Trailer of Gili + Menachem

The wedding of Gili & Menachem took place in Caesarea, Israel.
We commenced photographing Gili’s finishing touches at the Dan Hotel Caesarea while Menachem was entertaining us. The Hotel having a splendid decor and lovely grounds made for a perfect location for bridal portraits.

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