The Bar Mitzvah of Yoav Leornardo Art Hotel Tel Aviv and The Kotel Jerusalem Israel by Arnold Szmerling International Photographer Le Bar Mitzvah de Yoav Leornardo Art Hotel Tel Aviv et le Kotel Jerusalem Israel par Arnold Szmerling International Photographer בר המצווה של מלון יואב לורונרדו ארט תל אביב והכותל ירושלים ישראל מאת צלם בינלאומי של ארנולד שמרלינג

La photographie de la mitsva de Yoav

The bar mitzvah of Yoav took place at The Kotel, Jerusalem – Israel. Prior to Yoav’s Torah reading at The Kotel, his family commenced celebrations with a delightful breakfast at Montefiore Bakotel located at Mishkenot Sha’ananim. Mishkenot Sha’ananim (Hebrew: משכנות שאננים‎‎, lit. Peaceful Habitation) was the first Jewish neighbourhood built outside the walls of the Old City of Jerusalem, on a hill directly across from Mount Zion. It was the first area of Jewish settlement in Jerusalem outside the Old City walls. Yoav’s pool party reception was held on the roof top at Leonardo Art Hotel with spectacular views of Tel Aviv. It was an atmospheric evening.

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