The Bar Mitzvah of Jordan The King David Hotel Wailing Wall Kotel Jerusalem Israel by Arnold Szmerling International Photographer La Bar Mitzvah de Jordanie Le King David Hotel Mur des Lamentations Kotel Jérusalem Israël par Arnold Szmerling Photographe International בר המצווה של ירדן מלון המלך דיוויד וילינג הכותל הכותל ירושלים ישראל מאת צלם בינלאומי של ארנולד

בר מצווה תמונות של ירדן א

The bar mitzvah of Jordan took place at The Kotel, Jerusalem – Israel. Prior to Jordan’s Torah reading at The Kotel, his family participated in the Quill of the Heart ceremony held in the tunnel hall. Jordan wrote some holy letters using the actual quill and pen used by the scribe, as his excited family looked on.

Following the Kotel service Jordan and his family partook on a tour by foot of the Old City. A luncheon was then held at The King David Hotel.

The King David Hotel is an iconic hotel which has played an important role in the Israeli history of Jerusalem, from the struggle for statehood, through Independence War, division of Jerusalem, and the reunification, to this day.


Hi Arnold,
The album arrived today and it is gorgeous! Jordan loves it! Hi Limor and Arnold,
We received the video and it is just wonderful! It was great to relive the day and see events that we may have missed during the day!

We can’t wait to share the video on Thanksgiving Day with some family.
Thanks again for capturing the beauty and spirit of Jordan’s bar mitzvah.