The Wedding of Rachely and Yossi Gallor Grand Hyatt Melbourne by Arnold Szmerling International Photographer Le mariage de Rachely et Yossi Gallor Grand Hyatt Melbourne par Arnold Szmerling Photographe international חתונתם של רחלי ויוסי גלור גרנד הייאט מלבורן מאת הצלם הבינלאומי של ארנולד שמרלינג

צילום החתונה של רחלי + יוסי

This was an amazing wedding to photograph. Rachely and Yossi are a gorgeous couple who are very modest and full of personality.

Rachely is Australian born and Yossi is American. They both are very connected to the Chabad community. The Feiglin family has deep roots in the establishment of Chabad in Melbourne. This was a wedding and also a community event.

To mark this special event we photographed a variety of genres. Our aim was to create iconic images not only for the families but also for the Melbourne community. There is an emphasis on these collectible images found in this gallery.

The reception was held at The Grand Hyatt in Melbourne Australia.

Arnold is an Australian International “people photographer”, with clientele throughout Europe, the USA, Australia and Israel – his new home country. A Portrait – Lifestyle photographer and people photography specialist. Read more about Arnold.

All photos were amazing, he placed everyone very well, made sure everyone was standing and looking in the right direction
He zoomed in on people in the crowd and took the most amazing photos of them, and he knew the wedding list and who to photograph.
Very quick, discreet and thorough while being creative.
He photographed a wedding and a Barmitzvah for us, we were very happy with both events.

Esther Feiglin - (mother of the bride) Melbourne, Australia

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