The Wedding of Julieyeta and Eran Ganei Rimonim Beer Tuvya by Arnold Szmerling International Photographer Le mariage de Julieyeta et Eran Ganei Rimonim Beer Tuvya par Arnold Szmerling Photographe international החתונה של ג'וליטה וערן גני רימונים באר טוביה מאת הצלם הבינלאומי של ארנולד שמרלינג

צילום החתונה של ג’וליטה + ערן

Julieyeta and Eran took a very relaxed approach to their wedding photography. Knowing they were in good hands we actually assisted them with other logistical matters leading up to their wedding. This is our service. Having an abundance of experience with events, our clients often turn to us for advice and direction unrelated to the actual photography.

We started documenting their day at Ahuzat Sarah. This location is conveniently located in the center of the Israel. It offers a variety of “mini sets” and enough room for Julieyeta and Eran’s bridal party.

Continuing with a country theme we took more bridal photographs in Mazkeret Batya. Mazkeret Batya (Hebrewמַזְכֶּרֶת בַּתְיָה) (lit. “Batya Memorial”) is a local council in central Israel located southeast of Rehovot and 25 kilometres (16 mi) from Tel-Aviv. This is a very popular location for wedding photography offering a variety of historic buildings and flora.

Our final location Ganei Rimonim is where their Chuppah and reception was held.

Julieyeta and Eran are a very social couple who know how to party.


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Julieyeta and Eran - Israel