Keren + Yossi – David Citadel Jerusalem, Israel

The Wedding Photography of Keren and  Yossi Beit Shmuel Jerusalem Israel by Arnold Szmerling International Photographer La photographie de mariage de Keren et Yossi Beit Shmuel Jerusalem Israel par Arnold Szmerling Photographer International צילומי החתונה של קרן ויוסי בית שמואל ירושלים ישראל מאת ארנולד שמרלינג הצלם הבינלאומי

Australian and Israeli couple Keren and Yossi flew over with their guests to be married in Israel. Knowing our high reputation in Australia, it was a natural choice for them to photograph their wedding.

Photography commenced with some portraits of Yossi in the vicinity of The David Citadel Hotel with preparations and individual portraits of Keren at the hotel. The ceremony took place at the Beit Shumuel with lovely views of the old city.

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