Dolev + Roey – President Residence, Israel

The Wedding Photography of Dolev and Roei Ganey Cnaan Ness Ziona Israel by Arnold Szmerling International Photographer La photographie de mariage de Dolev et Roei Ganey Cnaan Ness Ziona Israel par Arnold Szmerling Photographe international צילום החתונה של דולב ורועי גני כנעאן נס ציונה ישראל מאת צלם בינלאומי של ארנולד

Photographing the wedding of Dolev & Roey was not only an absolute pleasure but a wish come true.

I was acquainted with Dolev as she lives in Ness Ziona and lived around the corner from my wife’s family. Knowing her as a teenager and while serving in the IDF it was obvious to me she would make a beautiful bride.

These images are a testament I was correct.  Furthermore, she married a great guy, Roey and seeing them so happy together while capturing this, was a double whammy.

On the day of their wedding, we commenced photographing at Dolev’s home while she had her hair & makeup done. It took forever and made the record books. 🤣

Finally, Dolev was ready for the “first meet” and the passion just flowed.

We created elegant & romantic bridal portraits at the Weizmann House located close by in Rehovot.

Dolev and Roeys Families arrived earlier for formal family portraits at Ganey Cnaan where the Chuppah and reception took place. Her friends and family sure know how to party.

Warmly recommended! Arnold has a positive attitude and a lot of affection. The pictures came out beautiful or as our friends put it "He is not a photographer is a magician".

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