Bridal preparations on the day of her wedding in Israel

Israel Wedding Photography and Destination Weddings by Arnold Szmerling International Photographer Israël Mariage Photographie et destination Mariages de Arnold Szmerling International Photographe צילום חתונה ישראלית ויעד של ארנולד שמרלינג צלם בינלאומי

It was the most beautiful day in Jerusalem as the bride was getting ready for her wedding. As an Israel Wedding Photographer, I can tell you that the excitement in the air was palpable. The bride was surrounded by her bridesmaids who were helping her to get ready while joking and having fun. She was a little nervous, which is completely normal, but I was there to soothe her.

The bridesmaids were zipping her dress and doing her hair as she smiled and laughed with them. Everyone was having a good time and the atmosphere was light. I took some photos to capture the moment and the bride’s joy. She was so happy to be surrounded by her friends and family and I could tell she was starting to relax.

I asked the bride if she was ready and she confidently nodded her head. She was ready to take the next step in her journey and start a new life with her groom. I was so happy for her and I was so glad I could be there to document it all. As the bride stepped out of the room, everyone cheered and clapped. She was radiant and the Israel Wedding Photographer in me was ecstatic.

It was a beautiful day in Jerusalem as the bride was getting ready for her wedding. With the help of her bridesmaids, the bride was able to relax and overcome her nerves. I was there as the Israel Wedding Photographer capturing all the moments of joy and excitement. It was a day to remember and I was so glad to be a part of it.

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