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Israel and Destination Portrait photography by Arnold Szmerling International Photographer Photographie de portrait d'Israël et de destination par Arnold Szmerling, photographe international צילומי פורטרט ישראל ויעד מאת ארנולד שמרלינג הצלם הבינלאומי
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Book your portrait session for NIS 1,500

Creation Fee

The Portrait Creation is NIS 1,500 whereby you can use NIS 1,000 towards wall prints, albums and digital files. This includes one location for approximately 1 hour to 1.5 hours.


Choose any of one these addons:

High Resolution Files (total price ₪ 3,000)

You have the option of purchasing all the High Resolution Digital files from your portrait session which is NIS 2,500 so the total price is NIS 3,000. These files are supplied at the highest resolution which is suitable for the printing of loose prints, albums and wall prints.
Included Cloud Storage subscripton for a year with the ability to download and share all digital image files.

Wall Prints (from total price of ₪ 2,150)

Wall prints start at NIS 1,650 for a 33 x 51 cm Contemporary Framed Wall Print. So the total starting price is NIS 2,150 . That is NIS 1,500 plus an additonal NIS 650.

Album (from total price ₪ 3,500)

The portrait album's dimensions is 12x12” (30x30cm) and starts with 14 spreads (28 sides) at NIS 3,000. You have the choice of including one image per page size or using multiple images to design double page spreads. If you choose this option the total starting price would be NIS 3,500. That is NIS 1,500 plus an additonal NIS 2000.


Extras that can be added to Wall print and/or Album purchases;

If you order any wall print or album we are happy to provide all the High Resolution Digital Files at a discounted price of NIS 1,000. If you only wish to print smaller sizes; we offer all images in a printable resolution 300 dpi and license to print up to 12 inches (longest edge) for Do It Yourself album(s) and loose prints. The price is NIS 500. Another option is to purchase a single or selected high resolution files. The price is NIS 100 per file.


Additional Portrait Products;

Your NIS 1,500 Photography fee was allocated and automatically reduced the prices of all products purchased in Step Two. Any additonal products may be purchased from the following selection.

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