Storage subscription

Protect your memories with one of our backup methods.

We have received cries of help from clients who have lost their event images or videos for a number of reasons. The fact is hard drives, USBs and electronic devices can fail.

All our clients will enjoy the first year free on us! After that, you have several options if you wish us to keep a copy of all your media.

From as little as ₪ 58 per year you may have peace of mind your images are kept by us for later retrieval. For added insurance, we advise storing your files in separate locations and offer On & Off site annual storage bundle at a competitive price of only ₪ 100 per year.

Please note these Storage Protection Plans are offered complimentary for up to 12 months after photographing your event. After that period we cannot guarantee your high-resolution files will be available unless you purchase a subscription.

Off site annual storage subscription

75 / year Add Subscription

Off site annual storage subscription & upload

75 / year and a 58 sign-up fee Add Subscription

On & Off site annual storage bundle

100 / year Add Subscription

On site annual storage subscription

58 / year Add Subscription
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