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The Wedding of Shiri + Joe

the wedding of shiri & joseph The wedding of Shiri & Joseph took place in the Old Yaffo precinct of Tel Aviv, Israel. Joseph and Shiri dressed in separate swank apartments located close to one another. We commenced photographing the preparations of hair and make up followed by capturing Shiri's unveiling to Joseph, in her […]

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The Wedding of Ariella and Alon, Tel Aviv, Israel

The Wedding of Ariella + Alon

  The wedding of Ariella and Alon took place in Tel Aviv, Israel. Alon met his bride, Ariella at the swank boutique hotel “the rothschild 71” located on the infamous Rothschild Boulevard in Tel Aviv. This precinct boasts art galleries, fine dining and popular nightlife. We commenced with bridal portraits and candids in the hotel […]

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