The Wedding Photography of Talia and Eli Agadata Israel

The Wedding Photography of Talia + Eli


Talia & Eli were married at Agadata Receptions. We made special arrangements to have portraits taken at Cinema City Hotel – Tel Aviv. Makeup by Miki Buganim and dress by Galit Levy.

Arnold and Limor, first of all you are both wonderful. Limor guided us throughout the wedding both, in terms of photo locations and a special style of photography which we had not seen for a long time; so professional. Arnold you gave us the impression not only that you understand what you’re doing, but you’re also living the photography itself. You gave us a sense of security on the wedding and the pictures were stunning. Limor organized the logistics on our wedding day. Everything flowed so well during the day. You are both great, thanks a lot!

Eli – Mazkeret Batya, Israel


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