Photographing Brides with a Fashion and Glamour Style – Worldwide

There is one major thing all Brides have in common irrespective of their background, culture, and age.

Every Bride on their wedding day wants to feel and look like a movie star or glamour model. She only has one chance to get it right and therefore needs a professional photographer who is both talented and experienced. 

Arnold, the youngest most awarded photographer in Australia, has over 30 years of photographing people.

“Weddings are live events and you don’t have the luxury of choosing sets, and ordering props in addition, to time constraints. A Bride has invested so much time, effort and finances to create her special day. Apart from the marriage itself, she is left with only the photographs.”

“My mission is to deliver natural stylish bridal portraits that will be contemporary but also satisfy the test of time”. 

“Bridal portraits not only include formals but also those fleeting moments of every Bride during her special day. These moments when she radiates and I need to preserve the beauty in image form.”

“Whether it be formals, candids and a bit of play in front of the camera. I use my skill set to create a unique cinematic feel for all my Bridal portraits.  The result is amazing, suitable for the front cover of your favorite fashion magazine.”

“So don’t take any chances and get it right the first time. It’s unfortunate how many brides turn to me to reshoot their wedding portraits. It’s cheaper to invest appropriately in the first place.”

“I promise you will be wrapped in the results. This is my guarantee.”

I’m sure we all agree for a bride on her wedding day, photography is often one of the most important aspects of the day. Here are some of the most important things brides should keep in mind in regard to photography:

“Choose a skilled and experienced wedding photographer: A good wedding photographer should have a portfolio that showcases their skills and experience in capturing beautiful and meaningful wedding photos. Look for a photographer who has experience in shooting weddings and who has a style that you like.”

“Discuss your expectations and preferences with your photographer: It is important to have a clear understanding with your photographer of what you expect from them and what kind of photos you want. Discuss the style of photography, and any specific shots you want.”

“Your Photographer should plan the timing and location of the photo shoot: Talk to your photographer about when and where you want to take your photos. Plan the timing of the photo shoot around the schedule of the day and the lighting conditions. Make sure to choose a location that is meaningful to you and that provides a beautiful backdrop for your photos.”

“Be prepared: On the day of the wedding, make sure you are prepared for the photo shoot. Have your hair and makeup done professionally. I ask my Brides to send photos from trial make-up sessions so I may advise if any changes are required.  Also, bring any necessary props or accessories, and wear comfortable shoes.”

“Relax and enjoy the moment: The most important thing is to relax and enjoy the moment. Let your photographer capture the emotions and joy of the day. Don’t worry too much about posing or trying to look perfect. Just be yourself and I will work my magic.”

“By following these tips, a bride can help ensure that her wedding photos are beautiful and meaningful, capturing the joy and emotions of one of the most important days of her life.”

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