G + M – Dan Hotel Caesarea, Israel

G + M – Dan Hotel Caesarea, Israel

We wholeheartedly recommend our photographer and charming gentleman Arnold Szmerling.

A charming, courteous, pleasant, patient, broad-hearted, professional person and beyond all craftsmanship!

Every picture by him is a work of art. He thinks about it all in time. Finds the most successful shooting angles.
His calm presence calms you, he takes pictures without you feeling him and manages to catch the moment without pretending to tell you what to do.

His pictures look like 3-D! The album we received at the end of the process is something that we have never seen, the quality of the album, both in terms of design and in terms of image quality, colors and vividness.

He manages to convey the experience and connection between the couple as he sees your soul!

No doubt we will never replace Arnold !!! We thank him at every opportunity for the masterpiece.

Worth every price !!! After all, what remains after all the commotion is only the photo album that preserves the event and remains forever.

Looks like Film Wedding Stories